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Lullaby Lyrics

Oh my dearest Teddy boy,
You assured me never-ending joy, oh boy
Close your eyes don't watch the sky
Fall asleep to this lullaby, my boy

When you wake I will be there,
To make sure life is more than fair, oh boy
You stand as a reminder of
The victory of true love, my boy

Oh, sleep you well
Oh, sleep you well

Oh my little perfect son
Can't understand what you have done for me
You showed me what my life was worth
Changed every colour with your birth, my boy

From many years from now you'll hear this song
Now I'm next to you,
No I'm never gone,
Oh boy

You are what I'm fighing for
So let them come
To our front door
I'll stand

Oh, sleep you well
Oh, sleep you well...

Sleep you well, my son,
we'll be home for you
when the battle's done (x3)

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Remus Lupins - Nevermind the Furthermore
is the track #16 from the album Nevermind the Furthermore which is released on 2008. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2009 The Remus Lupins
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