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Paint Me A Picture Lyrics

Come on and paint me a picture of Jesus
Come on and paint me a picture of the Lord
Come on and paint me a picture of Jesus
Come on and paint me a picture of love

Well you can see it when your out on the sidewalk
And on the walls of the street every day (every day)
Some use the backs of their cars for their God talk
But put on canvas, I wonder what it’d portray

Repeat Chorus

Would the images brought before eyes tell of glory
Of a strength dressed in weakness in a love that was
slain (that was slain)
Could the brush really tell the whole story
Of our Savior who died for His claim

Your love in return, could you say that you’ve shown it
Could you honestly tell me (could you honestly tell me)
this was someone you knew?
But in the light (light) of salvation have you shown it
If it came down to friendship, tell me could he paint

Repeat Chorus

Some of our pictures will differ and it’s well that
they do
For each one is a piece and a reflection of truth
Some may think they’ve beheld Him but they’ll miss on
the art
But if you want the Masterpiece you must give Him your

Repeat Chorus

A picture of love, a picture of love, a picture of love

Scriptural Reference:

"When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus."
Matthew 17:8

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Rescue - Two Thousand Years Ago
is the track #1 from the album Two Thousand Years Ago which is released on 1999-12-01. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 1999 IndependentBands com
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