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Coming into column nation is a gracious thing
A stirring and a whirring and a broken widow(er)'s
It's causing easy ought to just leave a lust alone
But when a friend has shrunken skin where do you throw
the bone?
(The matter that's been spoken to's a fragrant little
It's open and was known to need a token diamond ring.)
Young Girl:
Investing space without a place;
Confusing grace with outer space.
To please the breeze you freeze the seize,
Combat disease and bend the knees;
And if explicit matters naught,
Extend the grin -- but don't get caught.
Now Uncle Remus, Uncle Remus, where have you been we
(We saw the end of Uncle mend and turn into into
But now they say there's room no more for such a
friendly friendly whore
Uncle Remus:
Yes, Easter Island isn't my land coming home once more.
But a sentence existing inside of a rhyme
Is only just a token left spoken in time
Uncle Remus:
Can tomorrow be more than the end of today?
Young Girl:
Or do posies just bloom for the feel of a may?
Investing space without a place;
Confusing grace with outer space.
The way is a never for severing two,
(For) beginnings are endings for all but a few.

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