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Shattered Glass Lyrics

I'm walking on this shattered glass (I must confess)
All the jagged pieces of my past (this emptiness)
I don't know which way to turn (I'm such a mess)
One too many lessons learned

Cause I loved him and I loved him thought that I could trust him, never thought he'd do me wrong.
Thought that he was my forever we'd always be together, well I guess that I was wrong.

(My vision of love) It cracked and exploded in flames,
(What did I do) to ever deserve so much pain
(I don't know) if I'm gonna feel the same
(I don't know) if I wanna love again

Cause boy I'm dealing with these issues all the things I've been through
Tell me that you're different
I promise I won't fall, let you break down this wall until you prove to me you're innocent

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