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Loaded At The Wrong Door Lyrics

(loaded @ the wrong door, waiting for the brakes to
sound)? What was all the panic for?
"Check that spun-out flagging down (coming
on as tunnels do)!"
Trace the line & stay, "Inside, it drew us out,
but, I was late."
Leashes falling one-more-time: Spend that
trowel on a missing vane ("It'd seemed the night
was almost true.")!
"Tell me, too! I’ll show you in (I'm speaking
of the talking-through.), swollen off in distances.
The embers, now, are under you, beaten down
before the stars."
Hands were had, nests were sold, but, that
was just the floor-so-far.
"Take that call back; I know it's cold."
But, that's the way the blur was used. Cap it off
& crawl away; the summits were so little, then, ask-
ing to be home-to-stay, holding out on promises.
Finally, growing up to find what I would've
known without the mercy & the caution lights.
Down @ the ole movin'-on & slowin'-down, it
was fine just to lose.

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Richard Buckner - Impasse (Deluxe Reissue)
is the track #16 from the album Impasse which is released on 2002-10-08. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2002 Merge Records
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