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The Mirror's Curse Lyrics

Car crash on the open highway
Blood flows from our lifeless body
Transplant the organs at the hospital
The miracle is though we die were saving lives
The requiem unheard by the insides
Bomb blast on a crowded front line
We’re hit and there isn’t much time
Give up our water, food, and bullets to
The soldiers who will run ahead and leave the dead
The battle won before our empty eyes
Everyday I live a life I’m trying to forget
Desperately I want to see the world beyond that reflection I focus on
The mirror’s curse does not come when broken
It’s worse as one
Flags fly over bleak horizons
Countries killing those outside them
Lines drawn in dirt and sand are simply that
Let’s burn the maps that color ground, divide the town
Erase borders until one world is found
‘Cause we say that we want a difference
We say we reject their system
But I see that our own agenda is just theirs polarized
Let’s sacrifice this time
Everyday let’s forget our lives and make our breath a gift
So when we say we hate their lies we are not hypocrites

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Riot Before - 2005-2007
is the track #15 from the album 2005-2007 which is released on 2010-10-12. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2012 Say 10
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