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Jail House Blues Lyrics

Oh look like : I can see trouble in the air
But ain't only here friend : it trouble everywhere

Now I wished I had listened : what my mother said
I wouldn't have been bound down : in this trouble today

I'm lying in jail : with my face turned to the wall
And that woman I'm loving : she was the cause of it all

Now the judge going to sentence me : and the clerk going
to write it down
So they accuse me of stealing : I fixing to leave your

I got something to tell you : just before I go
Getting out of trouble this time : woman I won't do wrong
no more

Oh the judge going to give me : six months on the road
Woman I can't stand it : God in heaven do know it

But I don't mind going : I'm going and leave you here
These men going to mistreat you : God knows they don't

Going to tell you this : just before I go
When I come back here woman : you going to have me some

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