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Shy Away Lyrics

Oh my darling, I fear everytime you're near
I will hurt you again, so don't wait till then
Shy away, shy away, shy away from me

There's a shadow of doubt and my mind can't work it out
I' not sure of myself, so put me on your shelf
And shy away, shy away, shy away from me

You're too much of a woman, when will you understand?
I've got a lot of the Devil in me, so never hold my hand again
Shy away, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

If I reach out for you, I'll break your heart in two
And I want you to stay so please hear what I say
Shy away, shy away, shy away from me

Please keep away from me, far away, safe from me
Darling, you must shy away, yeah-hey

Song writer(s): Roy Orbison, Bill Dees, William Dees
Official Roy Orbison website: www.royorbison.com

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