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The Bird Song Lyrics

Can’t walk and talk
Can’t sleep in socks
Can’t even properly spelunk
Clouds in the sky
Dutch apple pie
Even that pile of yard sale junk
You tell me why
I just might cry
If I can’t get this off my mind
It dominates me, emancipate me
If only life could be so kind

Oh you, you are my favorite bird
Although it seems a bit absurd
Oh you, you are my favorite bird
Oh yeah, my favorite bird

Movement so neat
She looks so sweet
She’s the apple of my eye
My heart’s a mess
In that blue dress
She moves so smooth she almost flies
Now on this day
I wanna say
She’s mine and mine alone
Her voice so pure
I know I’m sure
I can’t wait until I’m home

Guitar Solo

My favorite bird
My favorite bird, oh yeah
Ohhh yeahh ohh yeah, yeah

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