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Blessed Night lyrics

Cross my palm with silver light
My steed is strong my sword is sharp
Upon us now this blessed night
I will heed the message of my star
Priestess queen will grace my throne
With the wisdom of eternity
Warrior king trusts her alone
To guide our planets destiny
Blessed night, this blessed night
Her beauty is as timeless as
Dark forlorn galaxies
The sapphire pendant on her breast
Holds the secrets of the black
Bathe my heart in bloodborne lust
Starborn bloodline's warrior tribe
Cross my blade if you must
I defend my realm with your lives!
Blessed night, this blessed night
Her beauty is as timeless as
Swirling cosmic ecstasy
Her flesh as pale as our moon glows
With wisdom of eternity
Cross my palm with crystal light
My sword is sharp my steed is strong
Upon us now this blessed night
For my queen, for my star

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Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65
is the track #4 from the album Lillie: F-65 which is released on 2012-11-11. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2012 Season of Mist
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