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Everybody's On Tv Lyrics

oh divided young
cat has got your tongue
you don't say anything
when all around you the clock is ticking
don't know what to say?
say it anyway!
it's all an opera
with your aria not yet written
and now we're lining up to see
the movie of our vanity
everybody's on TV
doctor doctor please
it's still the same disease
but it's hard to operate
when the patient's alive and kickin'
how to slow us down
enough to look around
'cause the unexamined life
well it's certainly not worth living
now we're lining up to see
the movie of our vanity!
everybody's on TV
so beautiful a screen
from the sublime to the obscene
in the land of TV
who needs a life to lead
when you can watch it all for free

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Sarah Slean - Land & Sea
is the track #4 from the album Land & Sea which is released on 2011-09-27. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2011 The Baroness Inc All Rights Reserved
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