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Exalted Gift Of The Abzu Lyrics

Chariot Abgal thieved deftly
Spreading wings ablaze
Descent upon Tiamat's dawn
Grasping of the destined
Fate of Nibiru seated in thy hand
Enmity not cast

Perilous journey deemed abolished
Advance with pounding heart - Alalu in exile walks
Claim to Nibiru's throne forsaken
A grave matter has not been forgotten

Earth now named surveyed appraisal
Within waters found the precious metal
Upon fertile lands shadows cast
Summon Enki - he who knows the Heavens

Abzu - of golden birthplace be named
Tiamat's innards abundant with golden veins

Enthroned beholding exalted gift of the Abzu
Bestow upon thy dying world
Bestow upon thy dying world
Bestow upon thy dying world
Drain Tiamat's precious blood!!

Beset enclave Marduk with your golden blood
Enseal our kingdom of malignant wounds
In the beginning celestials not created
In the above gods not called to order order!!

Below Ki's firm ground - not yet named
Alone in the void - reigning

The seed of life, Apsu upon the waters cast
Everlasting gold hers to possess
Primordial celestials not created
Nor the gods as above below
Nor destinies decreed - spell of sleep
Pored onto the winds of essence

Before the seven who judge
To Lahmu! Be vanquished!!
He who once on Nibiru a king
Carved stone his facing gazing immortal

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