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Christina Sucks Britney Swallows Lyrics

oh my god ! what should i do ?
i didn't get a girlfriend, i went and got two
with drop dead legs and long blond hair
they knock me out there a real cute pair
the,re pretty as a picture, the,re pretty in pink
they make me feel like the weakest link
inney menney minny mow
who will suck and who will blow
use my brain or use my dick
i cant decide which girl to pick

christina sucks britney swallows

oh my god ! how can i choose
when they both walk in wearing high heeled shoes
with little short skirts and little tight tops
they make thing soft go as hard as a rock
it,s so unfair , life can be cruel
if i could have them both now that would be cool
all the games that we could play
every night and every day
to get them both into my bed
while taking turns in giving head

christina sucks britney swallows

oh my god ! this is so great
here i am out with them both on a date
all the other guys are looking at me ,
thinking just how lucky can one guy be
i don't need a genie to grant me a wish
cos life couldn't get much better than this
they get me up by going down
my head is spinning round and round
i think im gonna lose my mind
blow me baby one more time

christina sucks britney swallows

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