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Panties Wanted Lyrics

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You're gonna get it
I'm energetic and unprotected
And if you diss me
You will regret it
When I'm bouncing, I'm like a rabbit
See a punchbag, I wanna grab it
Yes my DJ, you got the real shit
Let attack with the impact
The mic-phones like cyclones

OK, OK, Ok
This song is dedicated to all rocker chicks in the house
We want you now to take off....
Your bras and your panties
Throw them all onto the stage
And do it now!

One, two, three, four
Come on
Here we go


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Scooter - Mind the Gap
is the track #7 from the album Mind the Gap which is released on 2004-11-08. Genre: Electronic | Record Label: 2004 Sheffield Tunes
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