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The Keys Of Hades Lyrics

Check the time, it is later than you think
Look around and see that things are not the way they seem
'The Wicked One' comes riding on the white horse
With his mask claiming to be 'Messiah'

Don't be fooled! Oh!

The time is near
Our calling is music to my ears
Take this in, and sink this in your brain
Prepare, for the time is near

Open our minds, I will not be fooled. For Christ will reign. For Christ will rule.
Open our eyes, to see that time is near. I refuse to live in the dark. I refuse to live in fear.

The truth you cannot hide
Let his word be your guide
God will protect you
God will bring you through

I won't listen to his deceiving voice.
He will take the souls of those not on heaven's scroll
Don't let him catch you not checking the time
This mystery will soon unwind.

Trust in Christ for He is wise
The truth will be told, just open your eyes
Trust in Christ for He is wise
Open your mind, our souls intertwine

You take my blame and you wear my shame
You are the source of my existence

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