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Let this be clear you only said the things I wanted to hear
There's only treachery in lies when the truth is something that
Will take you by surprise it comes full circle this time more hurtful
You can fill this cavity with the bullshit you've been telling me Recently

Chorus -
Promise me that everything will be alright and my will wont bend
Holding onto all of these promises

Does this mean nothing to you? You've spun your webs
Capturing the innocent is a joke you pick upon the weak I
Hope you fucking choke. Your misery is company
The only thing you've got at this point is yourself
We're not believing, believing, done.

No longer will you control our lives no words to say no compromise. Believer, believe in all these severed ties

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Separations - Dream Eater
is the track #3 from the album Dream Eater which is released on 2015-10-02. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 Imagen Records
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