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The Bandit Lyrics

(Instrumental) Chorus Ole, I am a bandit, the Bandit of Brazil

I'm the quickest on the trigger, when I shoot I shoot to kill I'm a hero down in Rio, where they talk about me still.

Once I robbed a big ranchero, who was rich beyond compare. and to ransom held his daughter, she was young and she was fair.

Chorus Ole, I am a bandit, the Bandit of Brazil.

She was sweet and she was tender, there was love light in her eyes, In my arms she soon surrendered, very much to my surprise.

I refused her father's ransom, and I kept the greater prize, now at night we ride together 'neath the blue Brazilian sky.

Adios to you, Amigo, Adios to you, my friend.......

Ole, O Cangachero, the Bandit of Brazil


Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, (Fade Out)

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Shadows - The Early Years 1959-1966
is the track #48 from the album The Early Years 1959-1966 which is released on 1991. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1991 The copyright in this compilation is owned by EMI Records Ltd
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