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Bohemian Wedding Prayer Lyrics

I'm not very fond
Of songs that we been mourned
I'm like the others
I've wandered in search of my home

I wanna be close
To you baby
Near to you
My lover man

Please relieve me of my sorrows
See the joy
You're bringing me

In you I find a source
I'm careful not to drain dry
I dip my cup
Lick my lips
Your water is sweet

I wanna be slow with you baby
Slow to leave
My lover man

Please relieve me of my sorrows
See the joy you're bringing me

Now I'm out on the mountainside
Left alone with it all
This game they call fear
The object is to listen not to hear

And if I could go back in time
I wouldn't erase a single line from your face
Cause the battles that you've lost
Are as beautiful to me
As your victories

And I wanna be tossed with you baby
Side to side
And back again
Please relieve me of my tomorrows
See the joy
You're bringing me

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