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Angelina Lyrics

Oh Angelina,
aren't we lucky to live in this odd little world?
Aren't we lucky to stand in this funeral line?
And if we marry,
I'll kiss every tear from her eyes,
if we marry,
I'll love every word from her lovely young mouth,
and we'll drive past the violent blooms of the opulent
We walked past the cathedrals,
and the lampposts all humming,
and I told her that though
I can't bend back the barbs of these wires,
aren't we lucky to live in this world full of fire,
and I told her about how you would sing for your life as
a child,
and I showed her azaleas and books of pressed flowers you
pulled wild,
and I told her how lucky was all that I ever have been,
and will you marry me,
Kimberly Anne?

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Shearwater - The Dissolving Room
is the track #4 from the album The Dissolving Room which is released on 2001-02-20. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1999 Grey Flat
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