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Going Is Song Lyrics

Oh daddy, I'm lost in your overcoat
But I found my heart
I pulled it out by its root
And I said it once
Said it twice
"If I live, or I die, I am free again"
And I was free

I came to love the spaces inside of me
The winds that blow
The leaves of the almond trees
That would grow by the road
Brushed with light and with snow
And I will ride as far as it goes

Oh, joy of mine, swelling inside of me
I feel your eyes, hands as they form in me
Said it once
Said it twice
While you live
When you die
You will be free again

You are free

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Shearwater - Palo Santo
is the track #11 from the album Palo Santo which is released on 2006-05-09. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2007 Matador Records
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