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Careless Lyrics

Careless personality, you get enough of me you said.
No don't speak another word, you can't get what you've earned today.
So now I'll let go, you know I'm home to stay.
Walk Away with me, why can't you see I'm ok?

Now let's go unfold, the ribbon of gold and grey.
Burn those pictures of me, so you can't see what you hate.
Gloomy dream or reality, tell me what you see in fate.
Rise above it all, so you can fall to me.

You can't get enough, it's all because of me.
I'm standing up for things I believe.
You know how I will always think of you.
You can't tell me now, 'cause it's not true
It's because of you.

Dream of me and you, and what we do is sympathy.
Fine night and day, than be that way, shining free.
Say what you want of me, why can't you see it's not ok?
Explore the milky way, so you can't say, "It's 'cause of me".

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