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In The Rapture Lyrics

Choir (I want, I want, I want...)

Lead I want to to back, I want to go back
With Jesus, with Jesus,
Oh, (when he comes back) in the rapture for me.

Choir (Will you, Will you...)
Lead Will you go back, will you go back
with Jesus, with Jesus
Oh, (when he come back) in the rapture for me.

Lead Will your robe be spotless, without a wrinkle or a blemish
Will you be ready to go back with Jesus
When He come in the middle of the air.

Choir (Will He, Will He...)
Lead Will He come back, yes He will
In the rapture
In the rapture
In the rapture
With Jesus, with Jesus
Choir (In the rapture) x times
Lead In the rapture, in the rapture,
we're going to be in the rapture, resting with Jesus
We're going to be in the rapture (when he comes back for me)

Lead Ad lib We're going to be up there
There'll be no more crying
God's going to wipe away all our tears
We're going to be in the rapture
There's be no more dying
We're going to be in the rapture.

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