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I Love To Walk In The Rain Lyrics

Oh Mister Weather man
Where's that rain you promised me
Oh Mister Weather man
I've been waiting patiently
Mister can you spare a drop
Here a drop, there a drop
Two drops, four drops
Can't we have more drops
Now it's all around me
Gee I'm glad you found me
I love to walk in the rain
Look for me when it's stormy
Down some lazy lane and I'll be there
I'd love to walk in the rain
The lightning may be frightening
I love the rain so I don't care
I feel wonderful
When the sky's above are thunderful
I don't complain
I know it's fun in the sun
But take all kinds of weather
When all said and done
I love to walk, in the rain
Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday
How about a week with every day a pitter patter day
I wouldn't complain

Song writer(s): Harold Spina, W. Bullock
Official Shirley Temple website: www.shirleytemple.com

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Shirley Temple - The Defintive Shirley Temple Collection, Vol. 2
is the track #17 from the album The Defintive Shirley Temple Collection, Vol. 2 which is released on 2009-01-01. Genre: Soundtrack | Record Label: 2009 BOFM Ltd
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