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The Frontier Index Lyrics

Of all the people I knew
I always looked up to you
and after millions of years of crime
the sun still shines and shines

Look a horse (named Divorce) gallops thru the desert light
I make such good time through sub-space
when I dream all day and ride all night

A robot walks into a bar
orders a drink
lays down a bill
The bartender says, hey we don't serve robots
and the robot says, oh but someday you will

Prisons a good time for some
many people get caught with a gun
This trucker says it's good to be free
says he knows lots of folks who agree

Bumperstickers talk to him
say "let the stars get in your eyes"
Time, cum, sand, and surf
these are the building blocks of life

Boy wants a car from his Dad
Dad says, first you gotta cut that hair
Boy says, hey Dad Jesus had long hair
and Dad says
that's right son but Jesus walked everywhere

When I was younger I was a cobra
in every case I wanted to be cool
Now that I'm older and sub-space is colder
I just want to say something true

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Silver Jews - The Natural Bridge
is the track #9 from the album The Natural Bridge which is released on 1996-10-01. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1996 Drag City
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