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I'm Not Sure Lyrics

Cho - Oh mi Lord be mi shield I ask for thee
I know they still have some evil purpose on mind,
Wanna hurt me, oh yes...cho

I'm not sure if I will live to see tomorrow
Living in this world of conflicts and sarrows
Bodies lay cold as gunmen strike bold
And di wicked people work is taking off like an arrow
I wonder if I will see tomorrow
Living in this world of conflicts and sarrows
Bodies lay cold as gunmen strike bold
And di wicked people work is taking off

I'm not afraid to die but fraid to live until death
It's not hard for you to guess what will happen next
Heartaches and pain, works of ungodliness
Some nuh know why dem a live that's why dem have to
hurt di flesh
But who are they ? Tell me what they represent
I struggle wid fear as I experience
How dem do dem dirty works to which I resent
And no one but dem ago face di consequence
They build walls instead of bridges, it ridicule
Then war wid whom they live like a fool
But if I trod di wrong road away a want to pull
Because di vessel of di iniquity neva yet full - cho


Oh yes, that burning concern is no longer there
They're filled wid di medicine whey babylon prepare
Instruments of cruelty present everywhere
Strong enough fi tek mi life but not enough fi care
As di roads get dark I expect anything
I know not mi enemies so it leave mi wondering
Many life was lost who is di next victim
It could be you it could be I to how dem set di system
Dem kill wid out a cause what is the meaning, cho
No one knows what tomorrow may bring


Oh Lord, they are filled wid corruption and selfishness
Over load wid bitterness and wrath
So I have to seek to keep myself away from di wicked
And the road they walk
Oh yes, dem sow seeds of conflict
Dem want fi si mi trip
But dat naw go fester mi heart
Because I dwell inna Jah sight and do what is right Nuh
want it to be said dat a never play ma part
I derived wid enemies and I am my younger brothers
What I have done dem nuh want fi si mi prosper
Push on dis load as dem make it heavier
(Jah ! ) is only sorrow dis wicked have to offer


Song writer(s): Bob Marley, Miguel Orlando Collins, Robert N. Marley
Official Sizzla website: mn2s.com/booking-agency/live-roster/sizzla

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Sizzla - Reggae Max
is the track #10 from the album Reggae Max which is released on 1998-06-01. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 1998 Jet Star Music Ltd
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