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Born To Lose Lyrics

I've worked most of my life.
I gained nothing from the dole.
But I kept my point of view.
I never wanted nothing from you.

You fill people full of shit
To get your votes for you.

I don't want your political scene.
I've got better things to do.

Born to lose, I've got the right to choose.
Right to choose!

You only show people the good side of you.
You never show them the bad.
The things you do for the public
Are the things you really want yourself.

Your lies, deceits, and your cheats
But as soon as we've voted for you
We're just some cunts who've got to pay.

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Skeptix - So the Youth
is the track #6 from the album So the Youth which is released on 1983. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2012 Thunk Records
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