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Legion Of The Damned Lyrics

When you're told several times a day,
you are filth and you'll have to pay,
they drill your finger nails until they bleed,
you learn to accept the shit they feed!

This is the legion of the damned,
where death and destruction are at hand,
this is the legion of the damned,
not knowing where the hell we stand!

this is the legion of the damned! [3x]

Few survivors of this war,
nothing can shock or disgust us anymore,
the European war where regiments died,
all because the leaders lied!


The war in Ukraine was a bitter one,
where cossacks fought their own race and creed,
where the war was fought memories linger on,
but no one cares this war is won!


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Skeptix - So the Youth
is the track #7 from the album So the Youth which is released on 1983. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2012 Thunk Records
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