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The Great Australian Male Lyrics

Carefully trim that moustache
And slip on that polo neck
I'll just zip up my parka
Let's go up on deck
Yeah let's set the mainsail
Or play a game of tennis
Maybe get out the trail bikes
And call up Pete and Dennis
Oh he's great, he's great
The great Australian male
From the boardroom to the outback
He's the great Australian male
Gotta cut and polish the car
Better get some turtlewax
Some beer and oysters too
And then drop in at Jack's
We're goin' skiing on the weekend
With Helen, Bill and Pam
The wife's in the car out shopping
So we'd better go home by tram
And it's off to work on Monday
We're surveying a new estate
Just set up the tripod
There'll be no worries mate
Carefully cut that hardwood

Dovetail and glue that joint
Making some built-in cupboards
For that beach house on the point
The wife's havin' a baby
We hope that it's a boy
Send him to school and uni
Call him Michael or Roy
He'll have a great big fat future
In this land of ours
He'll dabble in the arts
And learn how to milk the cows
And he'll be great, he'll be great
A great Australian male
He may be a little dumb at times
But he's a great Australian male
Oh he's great, yes he's great
He's a great Australian male
He's white right and suntanned
He's a great Australian male
He'll be great yeah great
A great Australian male
At Xmas he'll be surfing
The great Australian male
His kids'll be playing football
While he drinks another ale
Oh he's great great....

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