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Couldn't Get High Lyrics

I've got
New sunglasses
And i've got
Backstage passes
For y'all
Girls with fine asses
Yeah oh yeah
Sunshine, girlies and money
What it takes to get me on a roll
Some call me mr. soul

I went to this party
The other night
Said i want to feel
What my brain had felt like
I grabbed my bottle
And i start drinkin' wine
I thought pretty soon
That i would be
Feelin' fine
But no i couldn't get high
Oh no
And then I couldn't get high
Oh no
And then i
Dont know why

Threw down the bottle
And then i whipped out my pipe
Stuffed it full of goodies
And then i gave that shit a light
I huffed and i puffed
Good lord i
Smoked and i choked
I smoking for so long
Until my heart was nearly broke
Because i couldn't get high
Oh no
And then i
Couldn't get high
Oh no
And then i
Try i tried

I threw down the pipe
Just as pissed as i could be
Gobbled down a mound of some
I waited and i waited
For my body to zing
I waited i waited
But not a fucking thing
Because i couldn't get high
Oh no
And then i
Couldn't get high
Oh no
Lord i
Dont know why

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Slightly Stoopid - Live & Direct - Acoustic Roots
is the track #6 from the album Live & Direct - Acoustic Roots which is released on 2004-03-16. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2004 Stoopid Records
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