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What have you done
Oh must you say to believe
All the corruption and the disorderly's
Said feel that music
Pumpin' in through my veins
I tell you baby
I think im goin' insane
For better days like this
I always knew that she had never been kissed
But just passed around
And now it's be over in a minute
If she don't make a sound
Well i'm gonna go an' get low
I'm so sick of the old
Said i'm gonna go an' get low
One more time
So sick of the old
I've got it underneath my boot
The sun comes down
And the sky is goin' blue
But like dusk 'til dawn
We're just three white boys
Playin' reggae songs
It's just the beat
Party people
Keep on movin'
Party people
Keep on movin'
We're gonna skank it
All night long
We're gonna skank it
'til the break of dawn
Were gonna skank it
All night long
We're gonna skank it now baby 'til the break of dawn

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Slightly Stoopid - The Longest Barrel Ride
is the track #20 from the album The Longest Barrel Ride which is released on 1998-11. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 Stoopid Records
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