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Underneath The Pressure Lyrics

Underneath those pressure baby
The tables turned
Underneath my feet is where the coals do burn
Underneath the pressure baby
It's where I lie
Don't say you love me no
I dont want to say goodbye to you
All I got is this here guitar
Memories of you
With that thought all up inside my head
I'm thinkin what the fuck I'mma do without you

All alone lying awake in my bed
Its fuckin crazy in my head
Oh no no no no

Underneath some pressure
What is bringing you down?
Fuckin' find some satisfaction but its nowhere to be found

Underneath the pressure baby
Life goes on
Time moves on
Underneath the pressure baby
Ooo yeah ooo no no no

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Slightly Stoopid - Top of the World
is the track #18 from the album Top of the World which is released on 2012-08-14. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2012 Stoopid Records
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