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Horse & Hobble Days Lyrics

Oh I’ll take you back to the good old days when our
beards hung down our chest
When the bullocks hauled the woolclip in and we turned
in fully dressed
They were rough and rowdy mustering camps and wild
bulls on the prod
Those horse and hobble days were best when we swung the
greenhide rod

Singing hobbles horsebells and halters as we ride over
gibber and sand
Singing surcingles stockwhips and saddles and the
greasy kip reins in our hands

Oh the bush was such a lively place and the men were
likewise too
There were teamsters moving up the track and drovers
travelling through
Colt breakers with their tackling gear and the dogger
armed with bait
Canteen and springside leggings, horse and hobble days
were great

Singing bridles bullwhips and buckers as we ride round
the bullocks at night
Singing saddlebags quartpots and scrubbers
Oh they won’t rush but maybe they might

Oh I cut my teeth on a bridle bit and was raised on
damper crust
Chased a bull and ever since my friend I’ve been
swallowing cattle dust
Now the Mitchell grass has been my bed and a kneepad
for a rest
When yarramans wore the neck straps horse and hobble
days were best

Singing cattle camps kruppers and slush lamps
As we ride back to camp in the west
Singing scrub dashing ringers and mickys
Oh the old hobble days were the best.

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Slim Dusty - Australia Is His Name
is the track #21 from the album Australia Is His Name which is released on 1985. Genre: Country | Record Label: This Compilation 2021 Slim Dusty Enterprises Pty Limited
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