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All Will Be Fine Lyrics

Change your lovers,
Move to New York,
Make some new friends, and Find some work.
But you’re just stagnant:
Nothing’s really wrong around here.
This is a new year,
The last was a phase,
But if you still feel down in
All those ways,
Then throw in the towel.
Everyone feels just the same as you.
One day I’ll write down my Memoirs of good look,
To draw attention
Away from all the ruts I’ve been stuck in.
All will be fine

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Small Sins - Small Sins
is the track #7 from the album Small Sins which is released on 2006-06-13. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2006 Thomas D Arcy Music Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by Astralwerks, 104 Wes
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