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Strung Lyrics

You think it's fun you think it's fun and games
Can't tell you 'cause you know everything
You know right from wrong but you do it anyway
Can't break away, can't seem to get away from you
Get away from you, from you, get away from you
Get away from

Don't know where you're going
But you know where you've been
Time isn't kind now all the years are showing
You don't think it's broke
So you don't wanna fix it
Don't have a clue
Walk away just forget it's you
Get away from you, from you, get away from you
Get away from you

Chorus 2:
Caught in the middle
What's right, what's real
The grass isn't greener, on your side of the fence
I tried of this really
No one can see
I'm really in for
A miserable life

If you can't dance
Then you can't dance with me
You better bring your own, I only brought enough for me
My best friend is my own prophecy
That's what you get when you come along with me
Come along with me, come along with

Chorus 2

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