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Josephine Lyrics

Oh I feel there's something missing
From this heart of mine
I've looked around forever
But it's hard to find
But it ain't so hard to see
That you're lonely just like me
Together we can spred our
wings and fly

And I will be your king
If you will be my queen
We can ride wild horses
Through this land of broken dreams
And I will be your prince
If you will be my Josephine
Sailing under a shining star above
To the kingdom of love

There's an empty feeling waiting
In your heart tonight
But if you look up to the heaven
There's a shining light
You know my love is true
Cos I'm lonely just like you
Just spread those wings
And see how high we fly


If we believe in miracles
We'll sail this ship to shore
I'll take you to another world
Where I can love you more
And more


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Smokie - Wrong Side of the Tracks
is the track #11 from the album Wrong Side of the Tracks which is released on 2015-06-24. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 Sandrew Metronome
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