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Oh my Soul, you come and you go
Through the paths of time and space.
In useless play you�ll not find the way
So set your course and go.
Sing such a song with all your life
You will never have to sing again.
Love such a one with all your heart
You will never need to love again.
Oh my Soul you come and you go (etc) ...
Walk such a path with all your faith
You will never have to wander again.
Give yourself to such a Guru
You will never have to seek again.
Oh my Soul ... (etc)
Pray such a prayer with all your soul
You will never have to pray again.
Die such a death at the feet of God
You will never have to die again.
Oh my Soul ... (etc)
Breathe my Love
Breathe my Love
Breathe in the quiet centre.

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Snatam Kaur - Anand Bliss
is the track #6 from the album Anand Bliss which is released on 2006-09-20. Genre: New Age | Record Label: 2006 Spirit Voyage Records
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