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Law Breakers Lyrics

This for the CarJackaz
And burglaraz
Law Breakaz
Money takers
That be armed and dangerous

It's Mandatory
That TRU niggas get all the Glory
Realistic stories
We're not insinuatin
Trying to seperate the real from the fake
It's not in my nature to soulja hate and respect the cause
I'll regulate ya
'Fore i hate ya
And check ya with a phone call
It's a life for them dead ass nigga's phone
When ya get there
I'm Tryin to tell you sum real shit
Neva cause you're sure to get up stankin
Plus i'm fuckin around with this Nigga that's thinkin
About Murder they makin
Verbally shankin'
Niggas its a deadly day
Takin their last breath
Besides you got me stressed out
That's why I stay sessed out
When under the press
Put on the Vest
Ready to take 4, 5 pigs out
Come to my senses
Is it safe to swang out
This Conyac to pass back
To a nigga thats committed
Don't fuck with the hood critics
The real niget
When i redeem that
Peep that
Such a stranger
I'm arwy that's why i love sleepin
When i keep it cocked with 1 in the chamber
All the Criminals ride to this
Law Breakin ass niggas blow up the bonk lay down tha dope and get high to this

Chorus (x2)

Let me take you on this Hustle pull about 70 Gs
Just be quiet, don't say Nathan, watch my back while I ease
Light up the weed lay down the dope so i can feel that rightous
I don't speedballin' with no coke cause i might just keep 'em psyched
I got the skills to be a rapper
Also be a kidnappa
And a Aggravated Burglara
I didn't do this until TRU, niggaz been doing this shit for a long time
I ball, hustle from the projects takin' your and gettin' mine
¿Crowns aline? with beef Under laws that are made to be broken
That's why each and everyday I be smokin
Hopin' I don't come across no tokens
In a process 187 is a grudge to be left in pri
Only way to take off the leather Versache Jackets we know to take off the
I'm pretty sure u know the procedure
When u see a nigga with a heater
Aint that screamin' let me get that about ya let me treat ya like a bitch
when I squeeze ya
Any 1 of u better not move cause i ain't gonna move no place
And I'm swear i'm gonna release every bullet
And it stops when i'm stichin
My Comprehension is fucked up at this moment, at this time
I don't wanna hear this ?? what used to be yours, now mine
So kiss it
How I live it
How I live is wrong
I was born breakin the law
I guess I get it from my Pa


Slim a nigga gon' kill you
Kill who?
That's knots
Cause i got the Mentality Commin atcha nonstop
You see I'ma insane-type nigga
Never ran a dope with my vein-type nigga
But I get Hostile
When I use my Nostrils
Shit don't stop though
Until i want it to
I'm more than tru
My home commitee
Baby fools
Have you heard the news
Slim whatcha mean?
Whatcha mean
What i mean
What the fuck I said
By you checkin' me out, O I feel played
you need some holes in ya head
I more be loaded
Then my gun be
Understand me
24-7 i bet I get your mind right
Money with this sack 11
On purpose
I run with Twerkas
That twearkya it on up
And i know Dancin
So just be crazy than Charles Manson
Take a chances
Look me eye to eye
Before you die
That's when you Realize
You're fuckin with a soulja 4 life
That Die harder than Bruce Willis
Plus i beef with Killas
That you wouldn't fuck with
But me, a double crosser and duck while I buck, I buck
And they get Dealt with
I done dealt shit like ¿nine?
Plus i don't mind Dying
I have 'em swimmin in a bloody pond
And burglaraz
Amred and dangerous
Have you heard of us?

Song writer(s): Raymond Poole, J. Tapp

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