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I'm The Fool Lyrics

(Let's go)
I'm the fool (I'm the fool forget, I'm in for you)

I've had enough
But you're still here
I've blocked your number
But the message ain't clear
You don't give up
Do-ooh you dear
I'm gonna close my eyes
And wish you'd disappear

[Little Nikki:]
I can't believe I used to
Worship at your feet
I heard you hollering
I didn't miss a beat
I shoulda known that you
Was just another freak
(Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)

Oh, oh, oh, shoulda known better
Than crying all the time on you
Oh, oh, I told you know pressure
But you still won't invite me
Yeah baby bite me
Oh, so take back your sweater
'Cause it only reminds me of you
Yeah, I shoulda known better
Cause when the guys into sci-fi
Baby bye-bye

(I'm the fool forget, I'm over you. I'm so over you, I'm so over you).

This ain't Glee
I'm back on The Wire
If it were Twilight
I'd be a vampire
I'll suck your blood
And spit you out higher
I'm done with all you fricking second-rate liars

[Izzy B:]
I can't believe
I used to think that you were hot
Just sitting pretty
While you played on your X-Box
Took twenty-seven days
To realise that sucks
(Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)


(I'm the fool forget, I'm over you. I'm so over you, I'm so over you).

She know's I'm a get it, I'm a go get her
Thought you was my rider girl
What-do-you mean you shoulda known better
She won't answer my calls
Says I take her 'for a fool'
You think I'm meeting girls
While I'm out here making moves
Nah baby that ain't cool
We used to watch movies, chilling out
Now when I BB you, you ain't pinging back
And I ain't feeling that (No)
Cause I need you, I know you ain't a fool
I never tried to mislead you


I'm the fool for wasting time on you. (I'm the fool forget, I'm over you). I'm the fool for crying over you (I'm so over you, I'm so over you). [x2]

Song writer(s): Bradley Marvin Bellot, Miranda Eleanor de Fonbrune Cooper, Kevin Christopher Ross, Michael Rahiim Ratcliff

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