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Oh baby i really love you
And when you're close, i want to show my love to you
cause you're the lawyer & my heart's the case
And the only thing left to do is...

Come all over you fucking face!

I'm gonne stick it UP your ass You don't even have to ask
You don't even have to beg I'm just looking for a shot of

And i'm gonna come, come, come all over your face
I'm gonna come, come, come all over your fucking face X2

I'm gonne stick it in your ear
It's gonne make it hard to hear
The love song i sing to you
Then i'll tell you what i'm gonna do
I'm gonna stick it up your nose
We're gonna see how far it goes
And you know you shouldn't run
Oh jesus christ this is fun

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Spermbirds - Something to Prove / Nothing Is Easy
is the track #4 from the album Something to Prove / Nothing Is Easy which is released on 1988. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2006 Rookie Records
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