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Winter Is Slow Lyrics

Changing the lights on your stage
I've seen pictures of when you were young.
It's dark soon; the night looses you
well done, well won.

There's a feeling I know
that the hills know me
and I'd like to get lost
you'd come and find me.

ooh oh, ooh oh....x2

I'm running with wings on my back
useless, lonesome fast
I'm troubled; I only agree
I was lost, you'd come and find me

Winter is slow
but you don't fall down
and I liked to get lost
'till you came around.

ooh oh, ooh oh...x4

winter is slow
but you don't fall out
and I liked to get lost
until you came around

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Stephen Gordon - Out of the Jar - EP
is the track #3 from the album Out of the Jar - EP which is released on 2012-10-16. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2012 Stephen Gordon
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