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Pencil Rot Lyrics

There's a villain in my head
And he's giving me shocks
Save me from me, save me from me

His name is leather mcwhip
And he needs to be stopped
Fly above me, fly above my roam
Fly above me, fly above me

Well I never had much of a lovely goal
Leave me halving, halving ever

It's like my mind's been touched
Though I never was born
please deform me, please deform me

Let me out
Of my head
In my bed
It's a lovely leather brown poison

No more shine
With the frame
Of a brain
It's a lovely leather brown poison

It's pencil rot!

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Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth
is the track #1 from the album Face the Truth which is released on 2005-05-23. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2005 Matador
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