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Oh Carol Lyrics

Oh Carol, teray pyar ki kasam
Oh Carol, I swear on my love
Tu meray sapnon ki raani, meri jaan aur jigar
You are the queen of my dreams, my heart and soul
Oh Carol, hum kabhee hon na juda
Oh Carol, may we never be apart
Meray dil ko na toreen, mujhay day na saza!
Don’t ever break my heart, don’t punish me so!

Darling there will never be another,
Coz I love you so!
Don't ever leave me!
Say you'll never go!
I will always want you for my sweetheart!
No matter what you do!
Oh Carol, I'm so in love with you!

Sanoo chad k na javeen sohni balliye!
Don’t ever leave, pretty girl
Sanoo chad k na javeen sohni balliye!
Don’t ever leave me pretty girl
Lay lay tu meri jaan kurray!
Take my life if you have to, girl
Hun javeen na javeen na javeen chad baliye!
Just don’t go, don’t go, don’t go leaving me girl.

O Carol, dil say dil milla day
Oh Carol, join your heart with mine
Meray gham ko mitta day, aaja re tu sanam
Wipe away my sorrows, come now my love
Oh Carol, jeevan ki har khushi, kadmon main bicha doon
Oh Carol, I will lay all of life’s joys at your feet
Tu meri zindagi
You are my life

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Stereo Nation - Rewind Selekta
is the track #12 from the album Rewind Selekta which is released on 2009-03-03. Genre: World | Record Label: 2009 Moviebox Birmingham Limited
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