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Only Money Lyrics

(It's only money)

I get what I want
I got what you need
You ain't gotta worry
Bout a thing with me
(It's only money)
Baby you a star
Driving fancy cars
Money ain't nothing
But a thing ya see
(It's only money)
Don't worry
Bout the bills
We can chill
Let the top back
And feel
The breeze believe
(It's only money)
I can hold you down
It's whatever
As long
As you're with me
(It's only money)

I step to the girl
I'm fresh to death
Got my swag
Got my lean
In Chi-Town
We do the step
In Cali
We gotta make it rain
Or the next nigga
Take your place
Come hang
With my entourage
You can call me
Vinnie chase
Here's my dialogue
You can pay
Them bills off
Maybe turn
The sauna on
We can hit
The dealership
I wanna see
That Honda gone
And you
Ain't gotta thank me
As long as you know
I'll be
In the limo friday
Hittin corners
Like pinky
All your girlfriends
They envy the way
You in the projects
With jacuzzi's
In your room
Like Akeem and Semmi
It's Santa Claus
But the money
Won't fit
In the chimney
I put 20
In your stockings
If you're tryin'
To get kinky
Here's your umbrella
Marry poppins
Go on
Fly away with me
D boy
From the projects now
I get
To live my dream
It's only money


Used to be
A window shopper
Now you got
A black card
Used to be
A project girl
Now you got
A back yard
Now you're drivin'
Fast cars
To my gas cards
Now you got
A 3 space back
Into your garage
Used to rock
The nail kit
Now you get
Your nails did
And I can
Throw you dimes
Without lookin'
Call me Jason Kidd
Parents used
To yell at you
And say
Your life
Was useless
Now you throwin'
Furs in the fire
Like Frank Lucas
You love
Watchin' Oprah
Jay Leno
Jimmy Kimmel
So I got you
Up to harpo
Put you in a limo
I got you
Out the ghetto
Now superstar
Don't ask why
All the bills
That you had cut
In half overnight


Now I got you
Ridin' clean
Custom wheels 23's
Now I got you
On the hill
In the house
Of your dreams
His and her
Flying spurs
Finally spending
What you're worth
This is why
We can splurge you
And I will make it work

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Sterlen Roberts - Only Money (feat. David Lawrence) - EP
is the track #1 from the album Only Money - EP which is released on 2008-07-08. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2008 MTL Records, LLC
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