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Oh... Ohh ahhh ahh oh yea yea ohh ahh ahh... one time(ay)
Two times(ay)... Three times(ay)then bring it back one time

I Promise That I Won't Be Wasting Your Time, I'm Tryna Give You Everything That's Mine.You're My Counterpoint And I'm Tryna Draw The Line, And If I'm Wrong Then Hell I Maybe Blind...
Be My Baby, Be My Girl, Be My Shawty, Be My World, Be My Any And Everything I Adore.This Future Of Ours Baby I'm Really Looking Forward To

(Be Ing All You Need).Cause The Man That I wanna Be, I can't Be Him Without You With Me(ohohhh)(Baby Your Love Is All I Need)Baby I Hope You Feel The Same Way.Don't Let Me Waste The Whole Day, You Got Me Singing Like(ohh ahhh ohh ahh, Ohhh ahhh, ohh ahh, ooh ahh, ooh ahh, ooh ahh

Love's Knocking At Your Door You Gotta Open Your Blinds... Baby I'm Trying To Sell You This Product Of Mine.Pieces Missing Out Your Puzzle.Match It With Mine.And Everywhere I Turn I keep Seeing signs Like (ooh y'all look good together)like ohhh(looking like sister and brother)like ohhh y'all act just like each other play it off like man whatever.and all I'm thinking bout...


Baby I'mms Stay The Same Even Though Weather Change.Baby I Remember Back When I First Heard Your Name, Yeah My Momma Knew Your Momma And That's How We Were Friends And I Swore To You That Day I'd Be Here Til The End.You Got My Heart, You Got My Mind, You Got My Love And Even When We Weren't Together It Was You I thought Of, So When The Blessings In The Air Baby you Gotta Recieve It.Now My Cards On The Table Baby Tell Me You Need Me(need me)


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Sterling Simms - Yours, Mine & the Truth
is the track #1 from the album Yours, Mine & the Truth which is released on 2008-12-21. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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