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Best To Worst Lyrics

Chorus: Peter Gunz

I'm sending rappers to heaven
so call me uplifting
I greet ya defeat ya
take all your recognition
be in the ignition first gear
I'm gone
had the best to the worst confess my lyrics is strong

Verse 1: Shaq, Peter Gunz

I was born to raise hell and cause havoc when I enter
have the pin back hands up white flag surrender
what I'm into pulling stocks and bonds and cheddar
gauaranteeing the world you can't find nuthin better
so whatever
bring it the front and put your money by your mouth
find your teeth and cash coming out
I bring drama to your momma if she want it
you think I'm fronitin' a fruad
Peter tell 'em how I want it

aiyo Shaq the world is yours
but can I get a city
gritty blocks shitty cops
broads with tingo bittys
hit 50 in the ruckus mutha
is I happy
you callin me fraud but your broad's calling me daddy
while you pumpin dollar bottles on the floor looking funny
I'm going drop hits with Shaq kid
and dirt getting money
sunney days is made the pain it rains no more
the cash will last from now the guns hits the floor


Verse 2: Shaq

check it
Enrico dope like perscriptions from pharmacys
injecting through speakers with no limit slash no mercy
the ill beat seaker
I mystify minds like I'm a preacher
when I meet ya start convulsing like a seizure
you best beleive I got more tricks up my shirt sleeve
expidisouly I get loose like hair weave
which mc out there wanna come test me
put footprints in your chest like Kareem did me
I run rhymes like drunk drivers on stop signs
I change my name to Deon cause I'm mutha freaking prime time


Verse 3: Peter Gunz

out the alleys of the ghetto there echos a voice sweeter
the melon a felon under the first name Peter
looking out the hour glass what do I see
Guliani with tacky at me with death penalty
I dodge the cops bob and weave to the left
young gifted and black but yet I'm still marked for death
my breath and oxygen is limited
they did me in with it
they took my lungs my heart they kept my brain and headed with it
I live alive to see my seed breath airs
in and exhale but please breath clean air
runnin 'round killin people with sex you flex
spread in the bed ask me dread who's next


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