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Oh all is well, oh all is hell
Spent the past four months under piss-poor help
Now I do not believe in death
The soul is separate from the flesh
And I'm just what you say I am
"Not a soldier. Not a man."
But I can feel my heart pump.
Now I can feel my blood course.

Seen better days on the backs of my eyelids
Shaking my head praying for blindness
You can do anything if you rationalize
When I close my eyes I am merciless
So I promenade with my eyes closed
The Ghost directs me I suppose
So I move in a straight line.
He keeps me in a straight line.

The worlds not what it appears to be
So I walk until I reach the sea
I'm floating in a dark abyss
I have the mind of Caesar
and somehow the heart of Spartacus

And I've survived the winter
So I'll make it through the next year
A fear of Hell keeps me alive
If I'm found dead it was suicide
So Phantom Friends and lucid dreams
The more I think the more it seems that
I have no friends, but I'm self actualized.

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