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hiding from the daylightcome save me, my shy love
take the lock off my lips
loosen my scarf
walking on the shade's side
oh my Sidewalk, i'm so helpless and all so tough, crying
like a stray wounded shark
cries for a dolphin

- come save me, my shy love
scowl with me, my bluff pride
confine me, my grim laugh
mask unease on my face
fade sultriness in my heart
dry and blue, the air's wide
- arise, soar-fly above
done with crying like a spent pigeon-dove
tied to a handrail
- come save me, my shy love

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Svoy - Eclectric
is the track #10 from the album Eclectric which is released on 2013. Genre: Electronic | Record Label: 2013 Svoy
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