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Crazy American Lyrics

Charm may take you far and
leave you there without a prayer
no one to care any place any place
I hang my hat is someone else's home
It seems to me we are not alone
Don't know much I guess a lot
Times I miss what I forgot
Please forgive the way I live and
how the dust surrounds us. I remain
the crazy Amercian. It seems
to me we are born to roam like
continental drifters from
sea to shining sea
from here to eternity
out is wherever I am
Charm may take you far and leave you there
Ask the dust that surrounds us,
I remain
Fate may find you
on a foreign shore
somehow you feel you've been there
before. Well I don't know much
I guess a lot times I miss
what I forgot from sea to
sea anyplace I hang my hat
Humour is a serious thing
Ask the man
Ask the man who dies laughing
Out is wherever I roam.

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Syd Straw - Surprise
is the track #5 from the album Surprise which is released on 1989-06. Genre: Pop | Record Label: A Virgin Records Release 1989 Capitol Records, LLC
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