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Alienated Lyrics

Checking what my heart is in!
Can I ever be myself?

Sometimes it feels like I was born to be entertained,
live to obey
and to die on boredom.
I wait for something I don’t know,
I waste my time with TV-shows,
talk to people I don’t like,
disorientated but alive!


Turnaround! Turnaround! Alienated!
Turnaround! Turnaround! Alienated!
Turnaround - what should I do?
Turnaround - Alienated!
Turnaround - I gotta go
without making a sound! - Alienated!

The middle-class-army feeds my cynical view.
So good, so far
I better hit the bar.
I’m not interested in company
of truckercap-celebrities
I can’t be
a pretty partyboy, anyway!

Checking what my heart is in!
…and take a stand!
Checking what my heart is in!
Checking where I don’t fit in!

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