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It's Not Fair Lyrics

You don't think I have a clue
But I know where you are tonight
coz she's theone you dream about
when you kiss me goodnight

I bet you hold her close
and gaze into her hazel eyes
and then you slowly give to her
the love that should be mine, mine

It's not fair
it's so wrong
you're not here when all i did was give you my all
While mine breaks, her heart you hold
I guess my love wssn't enough to keep you home

I bet she's beautiful
The sweetest thing you've ever seen
She's probably got the figure of one of those girls in
She probably gives you butterflies
Every time you say her name

I bet you never think, think about the life with me you
made, that you made!


So here I am,
With my face in my hands
I don't understand why I deserve that kind of hurt you
give to me, you give to me


Song writer(s): Claude Kelly, Charles T. Harmon
Official Tamia website: www.tamiaworld.com

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Tamia - Beautiful Surprise
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